About Toranomon Hospital Kajigaya

As a leading modern general hospital,
we will promote the wide range of medical care
based on sufficient information
and mutual understanding.

Message from the Director General

Toranomon Hospital Kajigaya (Toranomon Kajigaya Branch Hospital) was founded in 1966 as a chronic disease treatment center. Taking over the tradition, the hospital currently provides medical services for local patients by building a close network of cooperation among regional medical associations. Responding to the medical demand of the local residents and the health care providers living in the hospital vicinity, we believe our work as a general hospital will be widely accepted.

Our main Hospital in Toranomon, Tokyo will be renewed in 2019 as a 19-story, highly modernized general hospital with the highest quality standard. The Kajigaya Branch Hospital will take advantage of the advanced facility of the main hospital via close communication and exchange of both medical and human resources.

Needless to say, the most important attribute is the continuing improvement of each staff member of the branch hospital. When each staff member endeavors to provide better medical service beyond his or her specialized skills and knowledge, the Kajigaya Branch Hospital will thrive as a true general hospital. In addition to these features, having the borderless collaboration of doctors and other co-medical staff with different backgrounds, the level of medical service will become higher and wider. This I believe is the best characteristic of Toranomon Hospital.

The branch hospital has four times wider space, compared to the main hospital. This is a great advantage for medical research and training. “To contribute to the development of medical science through initiatives such as medical research” is one of the basic policies of Toranomon Hospital. We would like to promote this basic policy and upgrade our functions in multiple aspects so that we can suitably respond to the various medical demands of the local society.

As well as the promotion of the medical system for the elderly, the improvement of patient-medical staff relationship based on mutual respect brings more and more attention. I believe finding common, but individual goals through good discussion is ideal. What is best for a patient differs among patients. The treatment plan for a patient cannot be made unless we know what the patient thinks is valuable. Plain and comprehensible information, cordial listening, and sufficient discussion are all indispensable to reaching a true consensus. This is the basis of the medical care we would like to deliver.

I think that the real professional should always be open to any questions or criticism. We promise that our consultation will always be open to you as well as supporting second opinions, diagnosis and treatment, and do our best to gain your trust.

In times such as these, Toranomon Hospital Kajigaya has a keen eye on changing medical needs and strives to achieve its goal—which is also the basic principle of Toranomon Hospital—of providing “the best medical care possible in each period.”

Harushi Udagawa
Director General, Toranomon Hospital Kajigaya
Harushi Udagawa
Harushi Udagawa
Director General, Toranomon Hospital Kajigaya