Message from the President

Toranomon Hospital is a general hospital that
has earned the trust of its patients and their families,
and strives to provide world-class medical treatment that
ensures the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Toranomon Hospital is a leading Japanese hospital that offers world-class medical treatment by providing advanced and comprehensive daily medical care. When considering the future of medical treatment in Japan, the division of roles among hospitals is important. The Toranomon Hospital organization includes a main hospital in Minato-ku, Tokyo and a branch hospital in Takatsu, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. These two hospitals offer comprehensive medical services based on a close network with community medical associations, with a particular focus on advanced treatment for patients in the hyperacute and chronic phases. Both hospitals are currently improving their systems in order to respond more exibly to the needs of patients while working in close cooperation and sharing staff and technology at all times.

As a frontline hospital, Toranomon Hospital is proactively involved in clinical research initiatives. We have established a system linking actual medical treatment sites with research laboratories for improved feedback from clinical data, which will contribute to the development of new drugs and technologies and ultimately lead to further improvements in the quality of medical treatment.

Since its foundation in 1958, Toranomon Hospital has been at a leader in Japanese medical science and treatment, and has consistently been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and provided advanced medical technologies. For example, Toranomon was the rst hospital in Japan to successfully implement coronary angiography. In addition to providing safe, reliable, and accurate treatment, Toranomon Hospital is also committed to “holistic treatment” that considers bodily functions as a whole; this kind of treatment is increasingly important for meeting the needs of an aging society.

In 2018, we plan to construct a new hospital ward with 19 stories and four basement levels at our main hospital in Tokyo. All medical equipment will be upgraded, and patient amenities will be greatly improved by new, more comfortable interiors. As we prepare for a newly-emerging stage, we are continuing to improve the high quality standards that we have already set in a range of elds. We are also committed to building a relationship of trust with our patients by offering the highest level of consideration and careful explanations in order to ensure each patient’s true satisfaction.

Toranomon Hospital strives to meet the needs of all patients, including not only those from the communities near its main and branch hospitals, but also those from other parts of Japan, the international community, and other countries. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will make every possible effort to meet your individual medical needs.

Yasuyoshi Ouchi
President, Toranomon Hospital