Philosophy and Basic Operation Policy

Basic Philosophy

To provide the best medical care possible in each period, based on the principles of commitment and contribution to medical science and selfless dedication to care of the ill.

1st President, Kikuo Ohtsuki

Basic Policies

  1. To provide effective and timely evidence-based medical treatment
  2. To provide patients with appropriate information regarding their medical treatment and to respect patient rights
  3. To systematically and consistently strive to improve the safety of medical treatment
  4. To provide fair access to medical care to everyone
  5. To run the hospital in a positive manner by appropriate and effective utilization of medical resources
  6. To provide highly advanced medical care through cooperation while allocating roles so that the main hospital primarily operates as an acute phase hospital and the branch hospital as a highly specialized treatment center, in order to meet occupational and regional demands
  7. To contribute to the development of medical science through initiatives such as medical research
  8. To work as a teaching hospital by learning from each patient, aiming to training capable staff such as doctors and nurses who can shoulder the needs of the next generation
  9. To incorporate all of the above in the functioning of the hospital while building an even better relationship between patients and medical staff

Toranomon Hospital

The Toranomon symbol uses the English letter “T” as its motif, as represented by the image of a new sprout with its two leaves growing without limit toward the sky. This simple figure expresses a healthy, bright, and clean image, and combines the two colors dark blue and light blue to inspire feelings of sureness and trust.