Patient rights and responsibilities

Patient Rights

Based on the spirit of the WMA (World Medical Assembly) Declaration of Lisbon on the Rights of the Patient, we aim to provide the best medical care while protecting patient rights. An outline of the Declaration of Lisbon is as follows:

  1. Every patient, without discrimination, is entitled to good quality, appropriate medical care: Right to good quality medical care
  2. Every patient has the right to freely choose his/her physician and hospital and to ask for the opinion of another physician: Right to freedom of choice and right to seek a second opinion
  3. The patient has the right to make free decisions regarding his/her own medical care and whether to participate in medical research or the teaching of medicine; the right to the information necessary to make these decisions: Right to self-determination
  4. If the patient is unconscious, a minor, or otherwise unable to express his/her will, informed consent must be obtained whenever possible, from alegally entitled representative. If a medical intervention is urgently needed but a legally entitled representative is not available, the representative may be given a report after the medical intervention has been performed: Rights by means of a legally entitled representative
  5. Diagnostic procedures or treatment against the patient’s will can be carried out only in exceptional cases, if specifically permitted by law or in line with the principles of medical ethics
  6. The patient has the right to receive information about himself/herself, except when there is good reason to believe that this information would create a serious hazard to the patient’s life or health. The patient also has the right not to be informed of his/her condition: Right to information
  7. The patient has the right for the protection of confidential information obtained throughout the course of medical care: Right to confidentiality
  8. The patient has the right to health education: Right to Health Education
  9. The patient has the right to have their character respected and for their life to be treated with dignity irrespective of the situation: Right to dignity

Request to patients

We ask for the cooperation of patients in order to build even better relationships between patients and physicians and/or medical staff.

  1. To provide effective and timely evidence-based medical treatment
  2. To provide patients with appropriate information regarding their medical treatment and to respect patient rights
  3. To systematically and consistently strive to improve the safety of medical treatment
  4. To provide fair access to medical care to everyone
  5. To run the hospital in a positive manner by appropriate and effective utilization of medical resources
  6. To provide highly advanced medical care through cooperation while allocating roles so that the main hospital primarily operates as an acute phase hospital and the branch hospital as a highly specialized treatment center, in order to meet occupational and regional demands
  7. To contribute to the development of medical science through initiatives such as medical research
  8. To work as a teaching hospital by learning from each patient, aiming to training capable staff such as doctors and nurses who can shoulder the needs of the next generation
  9. To incorporate all of the above in the functioning of the hospital while building an even better relationship between patients and medical staff