• Main: Toranomon Hospital
  • Branch: Toranomon Hospital Kajigaya

Division of Medical Safety

Many people, objects, and pieces of information are involved in medical treatment; a minor mistake in any of these can be damaging to patients. An error may occur when performing treatments and handling large volumes of drugs and patients. The Division of Medical Safety gathers and analyzes data from small events that occur on-site and creates countermeasures to prevent possible risks to patients.

General Geriatric Medicine

In general geriatric medicine, we provide comprehensive care for our hospitalized patients. In most cases, elderly patients have multiple and complicated chronic conditions, or so-called multimorbidity. This situation involving many different health problems can lead to disturbances of patients’ self-support. We identify early signs and symptoms of diseases and disabilities commonly seen in the elderly, including cognitive disorders (dementia) and depression. Our aim is to prevent not only future illness but also frailty, falls and becoming bedridden. In addition, elderly people often take improper medications, which is known as polypharmacy. We help to select appropriate medications as much as possible. Our senior care physicians, nurses and other staff focus on achieving patients’ early discharge and healthy aging. Our physicians also keep in contact with patients’ family doctors after discharge. We seek the best possible care to improve the patients’ well-being and the quality of life.

Division of Medical Education

This division organizes and manages medical training for residents and fellows who have just fiished their residency. Residents and fellows train hard through rotation in different subspecialties so that they expand their expertise as well as gain experience in clinical practice. This division works daily to instill in these doctors how important honestly and earnestly confronting patients is.

Division of Medical Cooperation

With a staff of 20 (four doctors (concurrent posts), two nurses, seven medical social workers, and seven administrative staff), this division performs medical cooperation duties and medical social welfare consultations. It acts as a reception for referred patients and works to refer patients out to regional doctors. The division is visited by many patients and their families at the Cancer Consultation Desk.

Division of Medical Information Management

This division has introduced an electronic medical record system. The previous medical record system is still usable, with approximately two million inpatient and outpatient records stored. Annual number of the discharged patients is over 17,000, and use of the medical records is over 55,000 annually. The Disease Statistics Section also undertakes the extraction of medical data, cancer registration (over 3000 cases registered each year), and regional cancer registration data submissions as a designated regional cancer hospital.

Division of Health Management

In this division we conduct the regular health checkups for all employees and an industrial physician manage the health care based on the results of health check. Mental care is provided in the counseling by an exclusive clinical psychologist. Because many factors can cause both physical and mental stress especially in the medical fild, which can easily lead to overwork, we support the environmental improvement in which staff can work in healthy in this hospital.