Nursing Division

Outline of Nursing Division

Primary nursing is practiced in all hospital wards based on a commitment to patient-centered nursing.

Features of Nursing

Since its establishment, the Nursing Division has pursued the goal of “patient-centered nursing.” We practice “primary nursing,” which means each patient is assigned a responsible nurse who oversees that patient’s treatment from check-in at Toranomon Hospital through discharge. The primary nurse works with the patient to set up a plan to combat their health issue or issues and supports the patient on the road to recovery.

Key nurses are also involved in improving the quality of nursing in each division by acting as link nurses in the CPR Working Group, Infection Countermeasures, Bed Sore Prevention, and Nutritional Support teams.

Permanent nurse trainers are stationed in the Nursing Education Division, and in-hospital training programs are planned and conducted so that nurses can improve their practical abilities and provide better nursing care.

Outline of Nursing Divisions

One Nurse Supervisor manages 2–4 wards, and each ward (40–50 beds) has one Head Nurse and one Chief Nurse. Individually-tailored care and individual instruction from each nurse are provided to patients in a spirit of warm-hearted support. The Toranomon Nursing System (TNS) is used to measure and evaluate the volume of nursing care, with the aim of “fair nursing for patients and fair working hours for nurses.”

Some nurses with specialist quali cations offer consultations and education, while also providing high quality care in each eld. Our hospitals have certi ed nurses, who include Certi ed Nurse Specialists in Cancer Nursing, Infection Control Nurses, and Certi ed Nurse Specialists in Chronic Diseases, in addition to Certi ed Nurse Specialists in other elds such as skin and excretory care, chemotherapy nursing, and dialysis nursing.